Located in Angeles City, Philippines; The Body Bliss Spa has one of the largest massage parlors in all of Angeles City & the Philippines. A fully-licensed, highly-trained massage staff awaits to give you the relaxing massage you've been looking for!The #1 Massage Shop
Angeles City, Philippines
Phone: (045) 625-6190
Cell: (0918) 561-0322

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage at Body Bliss Spa

Rated #1 Massage Shop In Angles City

The Body Bliss Spa is the most popular massage shop in all of Angeles City. Customers enjoy a variety of massage services provided by a highly trained staff of massage therapists. Body Bliss offers hotel and house out call services, in addition to having one of the largest massage shops in all of Angeles City. Come enjoy a relaxing massage at The Body Bliss Spa . Click here to contact us for a reservation or store hours and directions.

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